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Author Bio:


Judith was born in Orkney, grew up in Lincolnshire and now lives in the far north of Scotland. Her work draws inspiration from folklore, experience and the natural world.


The Backwater, Judith’s debut book, was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019.


Judith followed this with Dance With Me in 2020 and her new novel, Honour’s Rest, has been receiving excellent reviews and is a Finalist in the Eyelands Book Award.


When she isn’t writing, Judith is a teacher at a primary school in Caithness. She sometimes finds that writing gets usurped by crafting, music, and being a generally doting spaniel owner.

Author CV:


"Honour's Rest" (2021) Young Adult magical realism set in Scotland. Book One of "The Rite Way"

"Dance With Me" (2020) Young Adult fantasy based on folk songs

"The Backwater" (2018) Young Adult paranormal

Short Stories:

"Baba's Guard" in Paperbound Magazine Spring Edition (2022)

"The Devil's Servant" in Ravens & Roses (2021) Gothic horror story. Publisher: Quill & Crow

"The Coffin Road" in Consequences (2020) Spiritual. Publisher: Crowvus

"Breaking the Spirit" in Whitby Abbey: Pure Inspiration (2011) Paranormal. Publisher: English Heritage


"Arboretum" in Farther Trees Pop-Up Issue (2021)


Poetic Justice Productions 2021: 2nd Place in Edgar Allan Poe Story Prize for "The Clockmaker"

Wishing Shelf Book Award 2019: Finalist in Young Adult category for "The Backwater"

Alpine Fellowship 2019: Shortlisted in Academic Writing prize

Book Festivals and Appearances:

"Unleash the Book Within" at the 2019 John O'Groats Book Festival

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