"Honour’s Rest is a brilliant display of prose, confidently written by someone who understands the magic of storytelling." (Vincent Dublado, Readers' Favorite)

"The characters are well-fleshed out, with complex motives and agency to drive their actions. I found Pen and Napier's relationship absolutely riveting." (Pikasho Deka, Readers' Favorite)


"A fun, magical adventure that will keep readers guessing." (Wishing Shelf Reviews)

"It has an interesting plot and characters that are engaging enough to keep you turning the pages to read what happens next."  (Owen Hollifield)

"Judith has an excellent writing style. We get to slip seamlessly into Kelli's head and can touch and feel the same things she does. I found myself losing track of time because I was just enveloped in the story." (Unabridged Andra)

"I also enjoyed the richly detailed world-building that kept this fantasy world spinning." (Fabulous and Brunette)

"Lots of emotions and fascinating characters." (Kit 'N Kabookle)

"Kelli is so well written. I loved being in her head, feeling all her emotions and experiencing this dizzying change of worlds with her." (Westveil Publishing)


"A tantalising ghost story written with a gold-tipped pen. A FINALIST and highly recommended." (The Wishing Shelf Book Awards)

"An excellent story! I connected with the main character immediately and ended up reading it in one sitting." (HHarper, Amazon Customer)

"Loved this book it was well written." (Amazon Customer)

"To me the best story is perhaps "The Devil’s Servant" by Judith Crow, a very sinister tale in the classic gothic tradition about a man obsessed with his sister’s death." (Mario Guslandi, Goodreads)

"All of the stories, and the poems in between, are outstanding. If pressed to pick a favorite, it would be "The Devil's Servant" by Judith Crow." (Donald Grant, Goodreads)